1. I'm an INFJ.
  2. When I was 3 or 4 years old, I loved to climb everything. I was told. Whenever I slipped from a tree branch or down the ladder, I always managed to grab hold to something. People thought I had sticky hands so they nicknamed me "gupgae," Lao for gecko.
  3. During my stay in the Ubon Refugee Camp, Thailand, I got into all sorts of trouble. One time, my cousin and I got on a bus, he got off but I didn't. I was lost for awhile and my brother, cousin, and dad found me near the river. I almost didn't make to the U.S. with my family.
  4. I used to ask for dog food thinking it was cereal.
  5. I love playing tricks on people and getting away with it.
  6. It took me 14 years to finally get the book out about Xieng Mieng. People sometimes call me Xieng Mieng because of things like #5.
  7. I've always wanted to be a teacher but didn't want to because my dad was one. I still have a desire to teach, so I will start doing more tutorials and online classes soon. I have a soft spot for helping people.
  8. is my favorite number. I think it's lucky.
  9. Deep, dark water freaks me out. I once had leeches on my feet that I couldn't remove and it traumatized me until this day.
  10. I don't like confrontations. I like using the "Art of fighting without fighting." When I was in 7th grade I stood up to a bully in the locker room. I got tired of him picking on other kids, so I finally yelled at him and slammed his locker door. He stopped bullying people after that. I got him in trouble in the cafeteria one day. I made my pencil out of chopstick and kept breaking his pencils during pencil fights. He finally caught on and got really mad. He went to tell the principal but he got in trouble for pencil fighting. It still brings me joy to think about it.

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