folktale retelling

A children’s book based on a famous Lao folktale by the name of Xieng Mieng. I wrote and illustrated this classic in the span of 14 years. The story went through many formats over the years and finally landed on being a 32-page picture book.

  • Wrote manuscript
  • Illustrated full color
  • Design book and layout
  • Self-published
  • Ran Kickstarter campaign

kickstarter campaign

February 2013 (funded)

At the time I was waiting to welcome my second daughter, the project was already thirteen years old. People who knew of the project had been waiting for so long and eager to see it finished. My daughter was due early March 2013. So, I wanted this project to be a birthday gift for myself as well as my newborn. I set the Kickstarter campaign to begin on February 1 and ended on my birthday February 28.

The campaign was funded in 4 days. It was a dream come true. I’m so grateful for all the backers who helped made this project real. Six months after the campaign, I was still working full-time, driving 2 hours to work each way and taking care of an infant while trying to get the project done. I couldn’t let my backers down. I keep pushing ahead and the book was finally published in October, 2013.

sample pages from the book