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Creator / Storyteller

Hi, I’m Nor (naw), a Senior Experience Designer on a mission to craft interfaces that bring joy and empower users. With a playful approach, I build design systems, conjure up interactive prototypes, and dabble in front-end code to bring impactful digital products to the world.

As a Creator

I deconstruct systems, seek beauty in problem-solving, and express myself through both design and art.

As a Storyteller

I write comics and children’s books inspired by my Lao heritage, and I love sharing my design journey and lessons learned.

Playful Problem-Solver: A Design Journey

From childhood tinkerer, nicknamed ‘Xieng Mieng’ (see-ang mee-ang) after a mischievous Lao trickster, to design innovator, my curiosity has always been wired a little differently. Like Xieng Mieng, I find joy in creative problem-solving, turning limitations into opportunities for unexpected solutions.

That spirit led to my early adventures in audio engineering: repurposing cassette recorders for multi-track experiments, and cobbling together a Super Nintendo/VHS-powered editing suite. The resulting masterpiece, Hamlet parody titled “Omlet Kung-fu,” was a testament to playful ingenuity…and perhaps questionable taste in special effects. Yet, even that low-budget epic earned its own kind of success, shared across classrooms to the delight of my (very tolerant) high school English teacher.

This drive to build things myself never faded. When faced with the frustrations of job hunting, Stanford programming classes became my key to creating an iOS app that empowered others on the same journey. And when drawn to storytelling, I eagerly sought out online courses and communities, unraveling the techniques behind captivating children’s books.

There’s a pattern here — a love of taking things apart, understanding their inner workings, and finding creative ways to improve them. That’s the essence of my approach to design. Whether crafting systems, interfaces, or delightful experiences, I’m driven to uncover the ‘why’ at the heart of it all. With a playful approach, I seek to build solutions that not only empower users but spark moments of joy throughout their interaction.