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I help designers pave their own path to success.

Hello. I’m Nor (naw), it’s nice to meet you. I’m a UX Designer & Story Artist. I share what I can with those who might not have access to learn what I’ve learned. I enjoy combining storytelling with all the products I create. I design, make illustrations and write a blog about it all.

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Sharing what I've learned throughout the years

September 10, 2023 in My Thoughts

The Anatomy of an Effective Design System

Design systems have become integral to product development processes in recent years. But if you’re not in the design world, you may be asking, “What exactly is a design system?” Imagine a cookbook for creating digital experiences: it outlines the ingredients (components) and recipes (guidelines) that teams should use to…
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June 7, 2023 in My Thoughts

10 Essential Skills for Mastering UX Design

Welcome! My journey into UX Design began in the 90s when my love for art and technology first intersected. From early experiments with AppleScript to creating interactive Flash websites, my path has led me to focus on Design Systems. Today, I want to share ten essential skills that make a…
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May 29, 2023 in My Thoughts

Storytelling in User Experience Design

Introduction: The Timeless Bond Between Stories and Humans From ancient campfires to modern-day podcasts, storytelling has always been integral to human culture. Yet, you may not realize that storytelling has a significant role in something seemingly unrelated—User Experience (UX) Design. Grab your hot cocoa and settle in as we explore…
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That’s ‘hello’ in Lao. When I’m not sketching superheroes or designing digital masterpieces, I’m constantly learning and teaching what I know online and offline. Still have more questions? Send me a message or look for @ArtofNor on the web.

See you around.

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