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println("Hello World!")

Just this week, I wrapped up another iOS app, a playful ABCs flashcard app. In a couple of weeks, it will be launched in the App Store, helping children discover their ABCs with silly animals that were brought to life by a friend’s hand and my code. This app is a testament to my journey in Objective-C, a programming language I embraced when Apple first released its Software Development Kit (SDK) in 2008. Despite coding iOS apps for about five years, each update feels like a new adventure. This year, I embarked on a new journey with Swift, a language that’s a breath of fresh air with its simplicity and clarity.

Back when I was in college, my love for code was born out of a desire to share my artwork with the world. The web was in its infancy, and resources were scarce. I dove into the world of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, thirsting to learn every new technique, every workaround. I spent countless hours tinkering and figuring things out, an Illustration major turned coder by passion.

In my second year of college, I wrote my first lines of code on HyperCard, an Apple programming tool. Games like Myst sprang from HyperCard’s simplicity, inspiring me to create. I reveled in designing experiences, crafting layouts, and penning the code that made everything work. The first time my classmates interacted with my applications, their expressions of awe and delight were priceless. It was in these moments that I realized the power of code to bring joy to people.

Whether it’s creating an educational app or showcasing my portfolio, my journey with code has been marked by discovery, creativity, and determination. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, yet I often find myself thinking like a programmer. The beauty of coding is that it’s a canvas where the logic of numbers and the creativity of design meet.

Even now, after all these years, the thrill of watching my designs come to life through code hasn’t diminished. With every update, every new language, every challenge, my love for coding deepens. It’s not just about making things work—it’s about making people feel good, making them smile, and creating something that matters. And that’s why I love to code.