Turning Download Decline into App Store Dominance

Facing declining App Store downloads and new mobile users were small, Zoosk sought to re-energize the user experience and make the app truly stand out in the crowded dating market.

As a product designer with app development experience, I led a redesign of Zoosk’s core iOS platform, focused on user interaction and profile design to elevate the sense of personal connection. With the help of iOS developers and head of product for mobile, we set out to make the experience better.

Design Approach

To optimize for the target market, principles of iOS native design were prioritized, resulting in a seamless and intuitive dating app experience.



Enhanced messaging by moving conversations directly to user profiles, promoting a sense of direct, real-world connection.

Focus on the Person

Redesigned profiles to emphasize individuality with larger photos, focused on connection and clear messaging.

App Store Mindset

Designed with the iOS ecosystem in mind, creating a modern, intuitive feel aligned with target user expectations on that platform.

Mobile Style Guide

The redesign centered on increasing the sense of individual connection, relocating messaging for intimacy and emphasizing user profiles to promote discovery. Localized for over 26 languages, catering to a large global market.