Textbook Reader

Yuzu is a learning platform from Barnes & Noble College that lets you read and interact with digital content; enhancing the everyday learning experience.

  • Designed icons
  • Designed book covers
  • Page layout
  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app

I joined Barnes & Noble in November 2012 to help create a great experience in digital education. The Education UX team and I came up with many innovative ways to help students on their journey to gain knowledge.

User Research

We conducted research to understand how students study how to improve their experience. Find out what tools they use. Ask questions about how they take notes. Observe their interaction with their study partners.


The feature that I was particularly involved with was the annotations tool. My team and I reviewed the researcher’s findings and brainstormed how the tool will work on multiple platforms. I lead the design for the Mac OS.

design gallery

the final product

Organize, read, and annotate your textbooks right in the palm of your hand.

Available in the App Store