Shaping the Future of Digital Education

At Barnes & Noble, I contributed to the creation of Yuzu, an interactive digital learning platform designed to enhance the everyday educational journey of students.

As part of the Education UX team, I crafted intuitive icons, attractive book covers, and optimal page layouts for both desktop and mobile apps. Our goal was to offer a unified, engaging learning experience across all platforms.

At Barnes & Noble, I collaborated with the Education UX team to innovate digital education, fostering an impactful student learning journey.

User Research

We delved into the heart of student needs through comprehensive user research. We observed how students study, their tools, note-taking methods, and interaction patterns with study partners.


I took the lead in designing the annotations tool, translating research insights into a practical, multi-platform tool that enriches the learning process for the iPad, Microsoft & Android tablets.

design gallery

the final product

A versatile platform allowing students to organize, read,
and annotate textbooks right at their fingertips.

Available in the App Store